A recent update to Parimatch’s website design has drastically changed its appearance. User profiles, lines, and wager categories were transformed to enhance the site’s performance and give it a more modern look. Developers and designers created a minimalistic yet very convenient header, while the footer was removed. The current site is more concise, clear, and convenient than its predecessor. 

Examining the New Design

Advantages of Parimatch New Version

The updated website has a great interface. The site’s minimalistic design provides maximum useful information within small tabs. The light color palette makes black text clearly distinguishable. 

The new header provides maximum functionality. Within a centimeter-high space, developers have aligned all necessary information and essential elements. From left to right, the header includes a navigation menu, 4 major categories of wagers, a link to the user’s profile, and the deposit button. The new navigation menu, located in the header’s top-left corner, contains links to all sections of the website.  

The betslip menu works perfectly. Betslip is a tool for managing users’ wagers, including complex bets. Parimatch old version missed the possibility to make combined bets within one window. The current version allows deleting all bets from the Betslip through clicking on the dedicated button or modifying each wager independently. 

Convenient navigation for each event. Punters can search for specific outcomes using the navigation menu on a specific event’s page. Parimatch full version users can also utilize in-built browser search tools to locate specific bets, which is incredibly convenient for making multiple wagers on one event. The new site provides automated tax calculation for each separate wager, parlay, and system.  

Disadvantages of Updated Design

Overly small text. Each wager’s details look tiny, and blank space around them isn’t used at all. Events’ timings and contestants’ names should be increased to make the site suitable for smaller screens. Possible payouts and tax information in Betslip are hardly visible as well. 

Indistinguishable links. Parimatch new version provides the names of disciplines and an “All Events” button on the main page, but nothing suggests that these buttons are clickable links that lead to their respective pages. A simple underline could resolve this problem and make links stand out. 

Small line windows. The new version leaves too much blank space on both sides of the users’ screens. However, elements aren’t center-aligned, making pages look asymmetrical. 

Comparing New and Old Websites

Although the current design has some space for improvement, it is a huge step forward compared to Parimatch old version. The new website delivers information in a clearer way than its predecessor. Betslip makes betting on several events convenient and simple. The updated header allows navigating through the website with ease and doesn’t occupy much space. 

Examining Lines and Categories

Parimatch New Version Lines

Lines were redesigned to make the betting process simpler and more user-friendly:

  • Users can navigate through each line using a dedicated menu with separate categories. This option allows for finding specific wagers fast and conveniently.
  • Clicking on a bet immediately adds it to Betslip, which is useful when you need to work with multiple complex entries. 


Four categories of activities (sports, live events, casinos, and virtuals) are located in the header and accessible from any page. The categories’ boxes are highlighted when a user moves the cursor over them to make navigation more intuitive. Each category contains respective activities sorted by popularity or in alphabetical order. 

How to register at Parimatch?

Creating a New Account

The updated registration procedure requires gamblers to input less personal information before granting them access to their accounts. To register, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the official website and press “Sign Up”. This button is located in the top right corner of any page and highlighted in yellow. The site will open an account setup page. 
  • Fill in your phone number and create a strong password. You’ll be asked to read the Terms & Conditions, agree with them, and confirm that you’ve reached legal gambling age (18 years). The company will send a 6-digit code to the phone number you entered. Paste it into the dedicated field and finish setting up your account. 

Finishing Registration

After registering, you’ll be asked to provide a document confirming your ID. Make sure to use a valid document and carefully fill in all fields marked with *. Users can’t make any wagers before completing the verification process. Registration at the updated Parimatch mobile version involves similar steps.