If you are an active sports betting enthusiast, you know for sure why Parimatch is more beneficial than other alternative services on the market. If you are new to the field, here there are just a few reasons why this company is leading and so respectful.

First of all, we offer multiple opportunities to make bets — online or pre-match, etc. Secondly, the number of activities to place bets on can’t but impress: you can try your skills in casual sports like football or some intellectual games. Moreover, Parimatch has convenient platforms to spend time on.

One new advantage that differentiates Parimatch from other companies consists in a new partnership with Vodacom. The latter offers capabilities of its M-PESA tool.

What does it provide to customers? With the help of M-PESA, users all over the world — from Tanzania to G. Britain and vice versa — are able to deposit their accounts on Parimatch remotely, using their mobile applications.

Intrigued? Keep reading this article to find out more about this offer!

How to Use M-PESA: A Simple Instruction

Of course, you are to register to become a regular user of M-PESA on Vodacom. The installation will take less than five minutes. In order to create an account with this service, you are to complete the following steps:

  • First of all, dial *111#. This action will provide an opportunity to manage your account.
  • Select options 4 and then 1. These steps will offer you access to the fields to enter your personal data. Follow the system’s requirements and be attentive when providing your information. For instance, your date of birth should be given in this format: date, month, and year.
  • Choose the language of interface.
  • Confirm registration, using the information from SMS sent to your device. Do not forget to enter your PIN to protect your account.

How to Credit Parimatch via Mobile Phone

The first experience may turn out to be a little tricky, especially for non-techno-savvy customers. The reason for that is not the fact that an application is non-intuitive or something of the kind. Even though the procedure is easy, it includes several steps. If some of them are omitted or fulfilled incorrectly, you will not be able to deposit on Parimatch successfully.

To avoid these difficulties, we have prepared a detailed instruction for Parimatch lovers how to pass this process seamlessly.

Contact Vodacom

The first step to be done is to dial Vodacom on *150*00#. This will forward you to the payment line and enable you to make transactions over the cell phone.

Choose “Pay Bills” Section

In order to start depositing, you are to click 4. This section will allow you to make external payments.

How to Get Going

In order to proceed with the payment, you are to enter 3 then. Here you are required to enter business number of Parimatch. In any case, it will be 351144. At the next stage, the system asks you to provide your mobile account code which can be your mobile number. You are to use one which is registered on the Vodacom account.

These actions are a must-have to complete because they literally let the company link the person who is sending funds with the account.

Please, be careful when entering numbers: a single mistake can not only cause a failure of the transaction, but its misleading and sending to the wrong customer.

Deposit Amount

Of course, the transaction can’t be done without entering the necessary sum to deposit. Make sure you choose the correct value. Otherwise, you will have to start the operation from scratch.

Remember that our company can’t but offer special bonuses for newcomers. There is a gift for people who just start their betting career within Parimatch: we offer 20,000 TSH when you bet your first ten thousand of TSH. In this case, to get this offer, you are to deposit 10,000 TSH at least at once.

PIN Code

Also, the process requires you to enter your PIN code, created previously when opening your M-PESA account on Vodacom. This action is a sign of your account’s protection. Keep it safe from other people!

Confirmation of the Payment

Last but not less important, you are to confirm the transaction. Otherwise, all job done will be nothing precious. To confirm your desire to deposit, do not forget to click 1.


  1. I have deposited on Parimatch from M-PESA. How long should I wait before the funds are received?

In general, the transaction is literally an immediate process. However, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to receive the payment. This delay is caused by the necessity to check transaction completeness. If you do not receive your money deposited, please, do not hesitate to contact the platform’s support team.

  1. Why M-PESA does not show the funds sent from it to Parimatch?

If there are any issues with the tool’s functioning, the support team of the service is always ready to provide you with the best solution for problem occured. You can contact them directly via the email: [email protected]. Besides, the Live Chat option is also included. No matter where you are at the moment, you can reach them by phone, since they are working 24/7: 0800787878.

  1. Is there any video tutorial on how to get started with M-PESA on Vodacom?

If you want to get more detailed instructions on how to register and start using M-PESA, please follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhbV71eBJsM.


All in all, Parimatch offers multiple ways to make your betting experience beneficial and convenient at the same time. For that, our company has got a new partnership with M-PESA. So far, the ease of payment is one of the guarantees for successful betting.

The registration on Vodacom takes just a few minutes. Thanks to the system, fans of Parimatch can enjoy fast and flexible betting anywhere they like, 24/7.

Want to join our Parimatch club? Achieve access to multiple opportunities with M-PESA and Parimatch!